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Mar 05, 2010

Sixteen Textures/Sixty Days: Speed Bump

Exit 3 of 16

This first week of reviews have probably been the best work project I have ever done. If I am basically being paid to have sex (be it with my Fleshlight), does that make me a gigolo? I sure hope so. Anyway, since I have now had anal with Jenna Haze and slipped through the fluttering Super Ribbed, I decided to try something more defined.

Without slowing down, I take on the Speed Bump...

To keep experiences as accurate and pure as possible, I will continue to use the same ground rules I set forth on my Forbidden Review.

When I first discovered Fleshlight in my early twenties the Speed Bump was one of the first textures I ever purchased. I still remember to this day how breathless I was when I first felt the silky smooth feeling of the sleeve, only to get absolutely cum garnished by that bumpy texture. It's time to revisit an old friend.

After getting warmed up, lubed up, and getting hard as stone (although no where near the size of Evan Stone) I began my FLight with the Speed Bump.

As I was first slipping in through the splitting lips of the Lady, it was clear why I liked the Speed Bump so much those many years ago. Throughout those first several pumps into the sleeve the bumps are very pronounced. However what you will notice is that once you get going, the bumpy feeling slowly begins to disappear. Now don't get me wrong, you can still feel them, be it just in a more subtle way. Because of this it is easier to have a longer lasting session yet still feel the amazing powers of the sleeve. If you have ever had someone rub one of those hand-held massagers on your feet or back, you will notice that it is almost the same sensation on your dick. Out of all the sleeves I've tried this one is probably the only one you could ever consider being a dick massage.

The bumps return.

As things started to get hot and heavy and my dick started to become even more sensitive, guess what returned? Thats right, those bumps came back to life. Once those bumps became present again I was given one of the most gentle, yet firm orgasms I have had with any sleeve. You know that awesome feeling you get when you are just about to cum, where you feel the gates opening and its like a stiffening pause? Because of this sleeves perfect mixture of soft and aggressive, it made that feeling last a lifetime.

Once the contractions began, those bumps pounded on the head of my dick to no avail, beating each and every ounce out of me. Welcome back old friend.

Final Conclusion:
While the Speed Bump was one of the first sleeves I ever tried, I feel like I may have move past it a little bit. There is no doubt that there is an original pleasure that comes from the Speed Bump, one that cannot be duplicated by any other sleeves on our lineup. Based on my personal preference I think the Speed Bump is more of an occasional 'change things up' sleeve. If you have ever done a smell test of different colognes and sniffed the coffee beans to refresh your senses, the Speed Bump would be your coffee beans.

My Current Texture Rating:
I love the Speed Bump because it was one of my first sleeves ever, however I do not think I would choose it in a lineup over the Forbidden and Super Ribbed. But just like that old girlfriend you sometimes want to fuck, the Speed Bump will always be there.

Give the Speed Bump a try for yourself!

1. Jenna Haze Forbidden
2. Super Ribbed
3. Speed Bump

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